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As Data Analyst you will advise our board and sales department based on data analysis. You will provide insides on growth and improvement possibilities based on analyses of campaign, sales and revenue data. You will provide Pocket Media the opportunity to get most out of the business. The successful candidate will be required to:

• Perform self-guided detailed data analysis (billions of clicks level records) to provide business performance insights and input to improve algorithms.
• Create and deliver recurring performance reports through templates and automation tools including charts and dashboards
• You will deal with strategic issues. You are a sparring partner and advisor to the board and management in the field of Marketing & Sales
• You will make regular and ad-hoc selections, campaign reports, dashboards and insightful analysis. Monitoring data quality is (obviously) also your responsibility.

Our prefered candidate will get the opportunity to take the lead on which analyses are valuable and to seek for improvements. You are result oriented and are able to translate big data into practically useful information. You have:
• Excellent quantitative skills and demonstrated analytical ability.
• A Degree or Masters in a quantitative or business field (Statistics, Math, Econometrics, etc.)
• Good understanding of mobile / internet advertising technologies is preferred
• Strong intellectual curiosity and ability to structure and identify difficult problems (often undefined) with a high degree of self-motivation and minimal supervision
• Experience in using BI tools to discover key insights by combining raw data from data sources into reports, charts or visualizations that will be meaningful to end users
• Knowledge of (big) data analysis, processing methods and techniques (eg . SQL , Oracle BI , SPSS, SAS , Excel, Tableau , QlikView ) and
relational databases and data models.

What do we offer:

Work in a young team and work for a start-up company that has put its footnote in the international market. This gives you the opportunity to grow fast within the company and be part of the most highly driven business sector. We offer, fresh lunch, free monthly massage, beers on Friday and an international team. Do you like to be part of this fast growing company and provide us with useful insights, please apply!

About Pocket Media Group B.V.

Pocket Media is a fast growing performance based Mobile Advertising Agency founded in 2012, based in New York, Amsterdam and Singapore. With an experienced and savvy team, we create and expand our partnerships with advertisers and publishers worldwide.We run over 60 million clicks for our clients monthly. Example Clients we work with and who’s campaigns we promote are BigFish, SuperCell and Spotify.Pocket Media is promoting the most versatile mobile advertising campaigns in over 180 countries worldwide. Our focus is on App Installs and Mobile Entertainment. For Advertisers we select the supply that fits the product. Real-time optimization on post install events is standard with us. We work with the models CPM, CPC, CPL, CPI and CPA._”_P_o_c_k_e_t_ _M_e_d_i_a_ _i_s_ _c_r_e_a_t_i_n_g_ _o_r_d_e_r_ _i_n_ _t_h_e__c_h_a_o_s_ _n_a_m_e_d_ _m_o_b_i_l_e_ _a_d_v_e_r_t_i_s_i_n_g_._“ _
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