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Job Description

Job description
As a Marketing / PR intern, you will be working on multiple projects:
– Supporting, executing and optimizing marketing and PR activities of Pocket Media
– Create and send out monthly newsletter
– Execute social media contentplan, update all social media channels Pocket Media
– Organize everything around conventions Pocket Media attends
– Organizing mobile advertising meetups
Job requirements

The ideal candidate is:
• University / HBO level, specialized in marketing / communication / media / PR
• Speaks English very well; spoken and written
• Passion for Mobile and Social Media
• Experience with Marketing, PR, Social Media, blogging and interviews
Location: Amsterdam
Remuneration: Between EUR 400 per month depending on experience, fulltime
What do we offer
Work in a very young team and work for a start-up company that has put its footnote in the international market already. This gives you the opportunity to grow fast with the company and being part of the most highly driven business sector. If you think you have the skills and motivation to work in a start-up environment and are up for a challenge and learning on the job opportunities please apply. We will organize an intern meet-up at May 26,

About Pocket Media Group B.V.

Pocket Media is a fast growing performance based Mobile Advertising Agency founded in 2012, based in New York, Amsterdam and Singapore. With an experienced and savvy team, we create and expand our partnerships with advertisers and publishers worldwide.We run over 60 million clicks for our clients monthly. Example Clients we work with and who’s campaigns we promote are BigFish, SuperCell and Spotify.Pocket Media is promoting the most versatile mobile advertising campaigns in over 180 countries worldwide. Our focus is on App Installs and Mobile Entertainment. For Advertisers we select the supply that fits the product. Real-time optimization on post install events is standard with us. We work with the models CPM, CPC, CPL, CPI and CPA._”_P_o_c_k_e_t_ _M_e_d_i_a_ _i_s_ _c_r_e_a_t_i_n_g_ _o_r_d_e_r_ _i_n_ _t_h_e__c_h_a_o_s_ _n_a_m_e_d_ _m_o_b_i_l_e_ _a_d_v_e_r_t_i_s_i_n_g_._“ _
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