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Job Description

The purpose of this position is to manage Paymentwall’s projects from the conception of ideas to the delivery of products and services. The Project Manager is responsible for managing specific aspects related to the coordination, development, and expansion of Paymentwall’s products. Candidates need to be able to navigate in an ever-changing environment, with the ambition to grow personally and professionally along with the Paymentwall team, while developing amazing and innovative products.

Paymentwall is looking for Project Manager with relocating to the following locations:

San Francisco


Define the product vision and product features.
Work closely with key departments and decision makers to determine business objectives and specific strategies for delivery.
Interact with different teams and merchants to understand the market and industry needs.
Recognize opportunities and risks to prioritize the engineering needs of the product.
Be able to adjust and/or adapt to a changing environment while developing new products and tools within strict deadlines.
Coordinate with different stakeholders both internally and externally.
Effectively communicate project requirements with different teams including Product Managers, Operations, Legal, Risk, and other teams as often as necessary.
Responsible for fully managing the whole project from start to finish including negotiating partnerships, overseeing technical implementation, and QA testing to push the product live.
Develop innovative features and payment-related services based on market needs and company strategy.
Work with sales, marketing, and customer support to ensure revenue and customer satisfaction goals are met.
Write documentation for the engineering department.

Experience in the payments, start-up or online technology industry highly preferred.
Confident, organized, team player with business acumen.
College/Bachelor’s degree or higher is required
Able to communicate effectively, even at times, at a technical level.
Excellent business etiquette and follow-up procedures.
Detail-oriented, positive attitude, and the ability to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines.
Have excellent intercultural competences and experience working in diverse teams.
Self-starter who can identify new opportunities.
Strong technical and business knowledge with proven project manager skills.
Good knowledge of creating easy-to-read and helpful reports.
Able to make sound and timely decisions in a fast-paced environment.

Entrepreneurial and curious individuals with a strong business mindset.
Ambitious and willing to take on projects that may even be outside of this job description to help the company grow.
Has passion for innovation and loves the startup culture and community where it is  located.

About Paymentwall Inc.

Paymentwall – The global digital commerce platform for selling digital goods and online services.Paymentwall is the leading merchant of record digital commerce platform for selling digital content, goods, and services globally, assisting game publishers, dating sites, rewards sites, SaaS companies, and many other verticals.Paymentwall can be easily integrated into your product to help you reach users from anywhere in the world. Paymentwall provides state-of-the-art services such as 120+ localized payment options, fraud management, 24/7 international customer and merchant support, delivery confirmation and risk management APIs, sales and pricing optimization, UI/UX customization, skinnable checkout widgets and flows, VAT and sales tax management. Our numerous alternative payment options enable your users to purchase your digital goods and services unlike ever before. As a customer-focused digital commerce platform, we make sure your customers get the best service possible regardless of their geographic location, day and time. Paymentwall provides its users localized interface and customer service in 25+ languages.Our team has extensive experience in eCommerce, social networking, online gaming, and payment systems and we make excellent consultants in addition to being your trusted global digital commerce platform.With 10 offices around the world and our team travelling from conference to conference constantly, we may be very close to you unlike any other payment company. Whether you're in San Francisco, Berlin, Istanbul, Kiev, Manila, Hanoi, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Beijing or Sao Paulo, please stop by our offices and meet us face to face, or attend one of our parties in our global offices, enjoy some drinks and have some fun times with us!
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