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SCRiBBR is a professional academic editing service based in the Netherlands. With over 300 professional editors we are the market leader in the Netherlands, Germany and in Belgium. Some of the things we have achieved in the last three months alone We won the Best Entrepreneurial Student Initiative and is nominated for the Deloitte Rising Star 2016. We went online in Sweden, Norway, Demark, and Finland. Even more students now know where to find us! We began collaborating with French, Italian, and Spanish editors and now offer editing in these languages, too. We set a new company record of 20,000 unique website visitors per day. We moved from Tilburg to Amsterdam in order to grow faster. We are now located on the Singel canal (at TQ). The team has expanded quite significantly, and our new office has already proven to be too small. Starting 17 October, we’ll have 18 workstations. :-)
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