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Peerby is the largest online sharing community in the Netherlands. With Peerby you can share and borrow items from your neighbors in a fun and easy way.https://peerby.comDue to our rapid growth, we just launched an English version of the Peerby website. This means that we are now also open for the many expats and international students living in the Netherlands. Like this page to stay up to date about the latest news on the new site, our expansion plans, appearances at international events, contests, and all the fun stuff around the Peerby community!New to the Peerby family and want to know what all the fuss is about?Imagine the following situation:You want to hang up the new picture you just bought, but you are missing the drill to put the screw in the wall. You don’t want to buy a new drill for one screw, do you? Or you need a tent for a festival but you do not want to spent the money to buy a new one. This is where Peerby comes in.Through Peerby you can ask your 100 closest neighbors/Peerby members if they have the item you need and can lend it to you. And it really works: we are proud to say that around 70% of all the requests we receive are fulfilled within an average time of 30 minutes. So spread the word, join the Peerby community and start sharing with your neighbors! 
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