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About MoneytisDid you know that we can save $20 billion on money sent abroad? More than $20 billion fees are taken yearly by banks and change offices from expats, students and migrants who need to transfer money.These $20 billion are what Moneytis wants to help saving. Moneytis is a platform which, as booking.com does with hotels, compares money transfer solutions in real time and integrate them. You are sure to use the cheapest money transfer solution, which has been verified, whatever the amount, and whatever the currencies.The partners we integrate into the platform are big money transmitters, but also P2P growing actors and Blockchain networks solutions allowing advantageous money transfers: Blockchain use makes transfers evencheaper.To show an example of a current user, last week, Julien, French expat in Mexico, sent back a MXN amount worth 2’000 euros from Mexico for a cost of 1%. He received 80 euros more than usually with his bank and will saveyearly 1’000 euros by using Moneytis.
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